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Armenian Recipe


1 Serving
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Short Description

This is a very delicious Armenian style doughnut/ponchik, I usually serve for breakfast

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Cooking Procedure
1 Put the egg and ricotta into a bowl and beat together until smooth
2 Add the Flour, baking powder, sambuca, granulated sugar, and grated orange zest. beat the mixture again to make a smooth batter
3 Pour about 1 inch of oil into a Frying pan, and heat until a small piece of bread sizzles when you drop it into the pan and browns in about 40 seconds and keep your eye on the pan at all times
4 Oil a Tsp measure and gently drop rounded Tsp of the ricotta batter into the pan; about 4 at a time is manageable
5 Ponchik will puff up slightly and turn golden underneath, so Flip them over Carefully with an implement of your Choice, to Color the other side
6 Watch out that the oil doesn’t get too hot: turn the heat down if they are browning too quickly
7 Once they are golden all over, lift them out with a perforated spoon and place them on a plate lined with 1 or 2 sheets of paper towel, to get rid of any excess oil
8 Carry on Cooking until all the mixture is used up, then turn off the heat under the oil
9 Once ponchik have Cooled a bit, push the Confectioners’ sugar through a small strainer to dust them thickly

Date: 2012-03-31

This sounds like my kinda dessert.... of course I want it without the calories...
This recipe looks very good, You have my 5 on this recipe. Have a wonderful night...Cheryl